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Have you ever wanted to write out your thoughts in a more creative way?

Do you find it hard to stay focused on the future, or are you looking for a way to get in touch with your past?

These decks are designed to help you focus on the past, present, and future in your life. They were created as three card decks with 150 (50 per deck) open ended phrases that help you reflect on the past, notice your present and dream about the future. These cards can be used in a number of ways: -As a journal prompt -For goal setting and planning

-Self-reflection By using this deck in combination with reflective questioning and mindfulness practices, you will be able to understand the contribution that your past, present and future thoughts make to your overall identity.

Discuss or reflect on your perspectives or beliefs concerning each point of time, and learn about yourself on a deeper level to make identity corrections which will ultimately help enhance your self-awareness and life.

Past Present Future Card Deck

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